Why Does Fanny Mean Different Things In US And UK?

Why does fanny mean different things in US and UK? Fanny as in vulva is first recorded in 1879; fanny as in buttocks in 1920. The standard etymology seems to be that the British version came first, derived from the novel Fanny Hill, and that it changed its meaning in American English some time in the early 20th century (for unspecified reasons).

Why is fanny different in America?

Originally designed to be worn on the backside, it was quickly discovered that this method made users susceptible to pick-pocketing, and was generally just a pain in the arse (pun intended) to access. The reason for this, of course, is that fanny is another word for backside in American English.

What is a fanny in the USA?

mainly US and Canadian. the buttocks. ▶ USAGE Despite the theory that this word derives from the name 'Fanny', its use in British English is still considered vulgar by many people, and it could cause offence. In the US the word refers to the buttocks.

Do British people say fanny?

What it means in Britain: The front bottom, the vagina, the pussy, the vaj. This is why British people can't keep a straight face when Americans talk about wearing fanny packs.

What do Brits mean by fanny?

1 British slang, offensive : vulva. 2 : buttocks.

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What do the British call fanny packs?

A waist bag, or fanny pack (US), belt bag, moon bag, belly bag (American English), Gee Bag (Ireland) or bumbag (British English) is a small fabric pouch worn like a belt around the waist by use of a strap above the hips that is secured usually with some sort of buckle.

Is Fannying about rude?

The phrase "fannying about" is not offensive and can be used without concern.

Is Butt a fanny?

noun, plural fan·nies. Informal. the buttocks.

What is a fanny flutter?

Fanny flutter is a tingling sensation a woman gets when she is aroused. It's believed that having a fanny flutter can also mean a woman is on the verge of reaching her orgasm.

What does khaki pants mean in UK?

Khaki is a heavy-duty cotton fabric in a drab yellowish-brown shade. After British troops started wearing khaki in the 19th century, they became known as "the Khakis." Today a pair of khakis is just your everyday cotton trousers — you can also call them chinos. Khaki comes from the Persian word for "dust," khak.

What is fart called in England?

Horse and Cart, Raspberry Tart, Hart and Dart, and D'Oyley Carte are all ways to say fart, many originating in England.

What do Americans call an eraser?

Rubber is a good example. In the UK "rubber" is a proper word for what Americans would call an "eraser" but if you ask an American if they "have a rubber" they might look at you a bit funny because this word has a "slang" meaning as being a condom.

Is knackered used in the US?

Slang use. "Knackered" meaning tired, exhausted or broken in British and Irish slang is commonly used in Australia, Ireland, Newfoundland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. There have been some calls to cease the use of slang terms like "knacker drinking" and "knackered" as a result.

Where did the slang word fanny come from?

"buttocks," 1920, American English, from earlier British meaning "vulva" (1879), perhaps from the name of John Cleland's heroine in the scandalous novel "Fanny Hill or Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure" (1748).

What is the proper name for fanny?

Fanny is a given name. Its origins include diminutives of the French name Frances meaning "free one", and of the name "Estefany", the Spanish version of Stephanie, meaning "crown".

Fanny (name)

Other names
Related names Frances, Fannie, Stephanie

What does pied me off mean?

Definition: Being ditched, dumped or abandoned (akin to getting a cream pie to the face). As in: "She totally pied him off.

Is the color flax the same as khaki?

The flax is very close to khaki. Do you find this helpful? Yes, khaki.

What is a Chino short?

The term chino shorts refer to a lightweight, cotton pair of shorts originally crafted in China. A variation on the military pants made for the US military, these shorts vary in length and now come in numerous designs and colors. These shorts may blend another fabric with the cotton for a cotton twill.

What do Americans call pants?

British English American English
Trousers Pants
Pants / Underwear / Knickers Underwear / panties
briefs/underpants shorts/jockey shorts
Jumper / Pullover / Sweater / Jersey Sweater

How do you say poop in Irish?

How many PSI is a fart?

As far as run of the mill just sitting in your stomach waiting, the gas doesn't exceed 1-3 PSI just like you said. It's the compression and expulsion through a small hole that builds it at the end.

Who was the first person to fart?

Le Pétomane
Born Joseph PujolJune 1, 1857 Marseille, France
Died August 8, 1945 (aged 88)

What is a Johnny in UK?

johnny in British English

(ˈdʒɒnɪ ) nounWord forms: plural -nies British. 1. ( often capital) informal. a man or boy; chap.

What is corn in British English?

In British English, “corn” is a general word used for any plant that is grown for its grain/seeds to produce flour, such as wheat, barley, maize and oats. In American English the word “corn” refers to the seeds of the maize plant, or the plant itself.

Is the word bloody a swear word?

Bloody is a common swear word that is considered to be milder and less offensive than other, more visceral alternatives. In 1994, it was the most commonly spoken swear word, accounting for around 650 of every million words said in the UK – 0.064 per cent.

How do Brits say drunk?

Pissed / Pished

Strictly speaking, “pissed” (or “pished” in Scotland) is a swear word and you shouldn't use it in a formal, professional or school context. However it is probably the most commonly used word in the UK to describe being drunk.

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