Who Makes Wheelsmith Spokes?

Who makes Wheelsmith spokes? Fortunately there are a few companies out there that are keeping manufacturing in the USA like Cane Creek and Thomson. One of these companies is Hayes Bicycle Group with their Wheelsmith spoke company. SickLines has a great article on Wheelsmith and their Wisconsin based spoke manufacturing facility.

Is Wheelsmith still in business?

Yes. Unfortunately, Wheelsmith spokes are no longer being made. But we have quite a few left and are still very happy to build wheels with them.

What are the sizes of spokes?

A majority of mountain bike wheels use either 24, 28, or 32 spokes per wheel depending on their intended use.

What are butted spokes?

Butted spokes have at least two distinct diameters: single-butted (SB) spokes are larger at the elbow and smaller along the rest of their length, while double-butted (DB) spokes are larger at the elbow and the thread and smaller in the middle section. Different types of spoke butting.

Where are sapim spokes made?

We use different grade of steel, different diameters, heads, surfaces and, of course, length. Producing with care and on highest quality standards we offer the widest range in the market. All our spokes are produced in Sapim facility located in Europe and in Asia.

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Are Wheelsmith wheels good?

The build quality is very good, and in my opinion better than Zipp. Have used them for the past year and probably my favourite wheelset owned. Personally I would take the wheelsmith (38 or 45) over a set of Zipps, cost saving alone is pretty considerable.

What is Spoke Prep?

SpokePrep is a unique spoke thread compound that acts as both a lubricant and a thread locking agent. When spoke tension is low and there is risk of loosening, SpokePrep “locks” the nipple by maintaining a minimum nipple torque. When spoke tension is high SpokePrep keeps the nipple torque low with Teflon lubrication.

How do I choose the right size spokes?

  • The number of spoke holes in the hub and rim.
  • The effective rim diameter, called the “ERD”
  • Hub flange diameter at the spoke holes, also known as the Spoke Pitch Diameter.
  • Left and right hub flange spacing relative to the hub center.

  • How do I know what spokes I need?

    To find the length of spoke you require you can check your wheel manufacturer's manual, or alternatively use an online spoke calculator. This will let you enter details of your hub and rim to calculate the length spoke you need.

    What size spokes do I need for 27.5 wheel?

    Common Spoke Lengths

    Holes Rim Type Rear-O/S
    32 X319 650B (27.5") Disc 272
    32 XM319 29er Disc 290
    32 XM719 260
    32 A119 294

    What is a 14g spoke?

    Spoke sizes

    Spoke Gauge Diameter and millimetre size. 15g = 1.8mm. 14g = 2.0mm.

    How are bicycle spoke gauges measured?

    Are butted spokes worth it?

    Yes. They are a little bit trickier to build with, but the extra elasticity makes the wheels more comfortable and resilient without sacrificing stiffness.

    Are triple butted spokes stronger?

    Butted spokes are stronger than other bicycle spokes in various ways. For example, they are lighter than straight spokes because of the material used to make them. Furthermore, they make bicycles more aerodynamic with a larger surface area profile at different angles of deflection.

    How much lighter are double butted spokes?

    As already mentioned, a double-butted spoke is a few grams lighter than a straight gauge one. This result is a wheel that's about 5% or so lighter than its counterpart built with plain gauge spokes.

    Are sapim spokes any good?

    Sapim spoke nipples are extremely corrosion-resistant, they are very strong so don't suffer any damage when building the wheel, and they are shaped so that they align well with the spoke – the head can rotate a little inside the rim preventing breakages.

    How do you identify a sapim spoke?

    Plain stainless steel spokes are provided with a very semi-polished finish. Sapim style marking of "PHIL" on the shank of the spoke adjacent to or short of the head. Marking is on the "outside" or away from the head and is read by holding the spoke with the threads oriented up and the head hanging down and away.

    Do aero spokes make a difference?

    A study in a wind tunnel comparing Sapim Laser (round) spokes and Sapim CX-rays (aero) conducted by November Bicycles concluded that aero spokes give а 1 Watt advantage over regular ones. Some people find aero spokes nicer looking than regular ones and switch simply for the change in appearance.

    What can I use for Spoke Prep?

    Do you need Spoke Prep?

    Need for Spoke Prep? IMHO Spoke Prep is a facilitator that is not harmful but is unnecessary. Linseed oil was used for years before SP was available.

    Should you grease spoke nipples?

    Nipple and spoke threads, like almost all threads on bicycles, should be lubricated to allow proper tension to be achieved without dry threads binding and sticking due to friction. Not much oil or compound is needed – just enough to fill the fine threads.

    How do you lace a 28 spoke BMX?

    What diameter is a 14 gauge spoke?

    2.0 mm
    Spoke wire gauge spoke size nipple size
    14 2.0 mm 3.30 mm (0.130 in)
    14 2.0 mm 3.40 mm (0.134 in)
    13 2.3 mm 3.45 mm (0.136 in)
    14 2.0 mm 3.96 mm (0.156 in)

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