What Wire Does The Remote Wire Connect To?

What wire does the remote wire connect to? Wiring the remote turn on wire with an aftermarket head unit is pretty straightforward. Simply connect another piece of blue primary wire to the blue wire in the wiring harness and run the primary wire back to the amplifier to terminate in the remote turn on terminal.

What is a remote wire?

The turn-on wire (also called the remote wire) is located behind the stereo. On aftermarket stereos, it's usually a blue and white wire. The remote wire will “tell” your amplifier to turn on whenever the stereo is powered up (usually, whenever the vehicle is turned on).

What color is the remote wire?

Wiring Harness Color Standards

Wire Color Wire Function
Red Switch / Accessory
Black Ground
Blue Antenna Remote
Blue with White Stripe Amplifier Remote Turn-on

How do I turn on my amp without remote wire?

Where do I connect the remote wire for my amp?

The turn-on wire (also called the remote wire) is located behind the stereo. On aftermarket stereos, it's usually a blue and white wire. The remote wire will "tell" your amplifier to turn on whenever the stereo is powered up (usually, whenever the vehicle is turned on).

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How do I connect my remote wire to my amp?

Can you use any wire for remote wire?

Speaker wires can be used as remote wires. It doesn't matter what kind of wire you use for a remote wire. Any copper wire will work when used as a remote wire. The amplifier only turns on if the remote wire is touching the power source or if the remote wire switch is turned on.

Is power antenna the same as remote?

Almost every aftermarket head unit has a remote turn on wire. Some manufacturers call it a power antenna wire. But regardless of the label all it does is output a positive 12 volts when the head unit is turned on. It should be noted that some head units have both a remote turn on wire and a power antenna wire.

What is the best fuse for remote wire?

Amperage off the remote turn on isn't very high. Doesn't require much to switch amps/etc on. A 3-5 amp fuse should be more then enough.

Can I connect red and yellow wires together?

Yes. You can just crimp everything together, or run the blue remote wire to a distribution block, and then run wires from that to each device (amp, power antenna, etc).

What color are positive and negative speaker wires?

For speakers that have wires with colors, typically, the positive wire is red and the negative wire is black.

How do I know if my amp remote wire is bad?

Bypass your current remote wire in the car. That will tell you if there's something wrong with the amp or the wire. If it doesn't power the amp, then it is defective.

How do you run a 2 amp remote wire?

You can splice the tip of the remote wire, just before you reach an amp, and tap 2 wires, one from each amp. Ive seen some people put a jumper wire from the remote terminal of one amp to the remote terminal of the 2nd amp. It works.

Why is my amp on but no sound?

If No Sound Is Coming From Your Speakers

Simply unplug the RCA cables from each unit and reconnect them with a good set. If everything works after bypassing the installed RCA cables, replace them with a good set. If you get sound from one input but not another, the problem is in the head unit and not the amp.

How do I power a car amp with a wall outlet?

The method and tool will vary by brand. Slide the black wire into the "-" terminal and tighten. Twist together the ends of the red wire and the 16-gauge wire, slide them into the "+" terminal and tighten. Plug the inverter into a wall socket and turn on the inverter to power the amplifier.

Do RCA cables go to input or output on AMP?

Connect the RCA cables into the amplifier input sockets, following the color of the cables. The red cable also goes into the red input socket of the amplifier. Try to play a song to check if the cable connections between the two devices are secure.

Can you run 4 speakers and a sub off a 4 channel amp?

4 channel amps are great and have a lot of flexibility for the most part. However, they're intended for use with 4 speakers or 2 speakers and a sub – not both. However, it is possible to wire a 4 channel amp to 4 speakers and a sub!

What is remote output?

This unit has an audio-sense remote output. Meaning when the radio is turned on, it senses an audio signal and sends a 12 volt signal through the remote output wire from the line output converter. That remote output wire needs to go to your external amplifier (2-channel or mono sub-amp) to signal it to turn on.

What is B+ on an amp?

The main power source for the tubes was referred to as the B+ source. The term just stuck, and now it basically refers to the main power supply. The letter designation on most schematics refers to connecting points.

Can you wire 6 speakers to a 4 channel amp?

Can I wire 6 speakers to A 4 Channel Amp? Yes, a 4 channel amp can easily power 6 speakers. However, this is not the best practice because of the excessive demand the number of speakers you intend to connect may put on the amp.

What can I use for remote wire?

you can use speaker wire for that. Just run the remote wire off your other amp. any copper wire will work it doesnt matter how old or new it is. just find some old copper wire and use it.

Can I use speaker wire for epicenter?

If your factory installed audio system has an amplifier, then use the speaker wires after the factory amplifier to feed a signal into The Epicenter Plus. The Epicenter Plus also works the best when it receives a full range signal.

What happens if wire gauge is too big?

using larger wire will not hurt anything or cause any overload. The larger wire will cost more, the pathway or where it has to fit, and the physical size of the connecting means (ie. the size of terminal or clamp it has to fit in), will all be determining factors in just how big is too big.

What is the 12V accessory wire on a car stereo?

The 12V accessory wire is one of the three power wires a car stereo utilizes. It is red in color and helps trigger the stereo to come on. However, for this wire to turn on the stereo, your ignition key must be in the accessory position.

How do I connect my amp to my fuse box?

How do I tap into my fuse box for power?

Is red or yellow wire constant?

Basic Wiring:

Yellow wire 12 volts constant. Red wire 12 volts ignition/accessory.

What color does yellow wire connect to?

Yellow wires are used as switch legs to ceiling fans, structural lights, and outlets paired with light switches, while blue wires are usually used as travelers for three-or-four-way switches.

What is red ACC wire?

ACC (red), supplies +12V power to car audio and other accessories, only when the car's ignition is switched on. Constant (yellow), also called BAT or Battery, provides permanent +12V power from battery. This allows the radio to retain settings (for example stored radio stations) when the ignition is switched off.

Which wire is positive white or green?

Recognize that the black wire is the positive one, the white wire is the negative one, and the green wire is the ground.

What happens if you mix up positive and negative speaker wires?

Anytime two identical signals are mixed together with inverse polarity, the signals cancel out. In this case, one wave is positive while the other is negative, and vice versa. The result is silence. This is called destructive interference.

How do you tell positive and negative on a speaker?

How do I know if my amp is clipping?

Why does my amp go into protection mode when I turn it on?

Some amps go into protect mode if they get too hot, which can prevent a permanent failure. The common cause of overheating is a lack of airflow. If the amp is located underneath the seats, or in another confined space, that may cause it to overheat.

Will amp turn on if fuse is blown?

If the fuse is present and blown, the amp can't turn on because the circuit providing mains voltage is open. Simply replacing the fuse may or may not solve the problem.

Can I run power from one amp to another?

The short answer is that you can use any number or combination of power amps in a car audio setup as long as you wire them in properly. The most common reason to wire in multiple amps is to have one for your main speakers and a second amplifier for a subwoofer.

Do I need a relay for 2 amps?

You don't need a relay if you just run a switched 12v wire from the fuse panel. You can just tie all the amps to that wire. The circuit will be beyond strong enough to handle whatever you throw at it and it will be fused at the panel. Just use like a 2A and you'll be fine.

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