What Star Trek Cards Are Worth Money?

What Star Trek cards are worth money? Most Valuable Star Trek Autograph Cards

  • 2010 Star Trek Remastered Original Series Dual Autographs Leonard Nimoy, Majel Barrett #DA6.
  • 2010 Star Trek Remastered Original Series Dual Autographs William Shatner, BarBara Luna #DA1.
  • 2014 Star Trek Moives Autographs Chris Pine.
  • Are Star Wars trading cards worth anything?

    Star Wars trading cards can be worth thousands of dollars if they are in great shape i.e. high grades such as PSA 10 or BGS 9.5.

    What is the most expensive trading card in the world?

    Honus Wagner T206

    Player Card Price
    1. Honus Wagner T206 SGC 3 $6.6 Million
    T2. Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps $5.2 Million
    T2. LeBron James 2003-04 Rookie Patch Autograph $5.2 Million
    4. Luka Doncic* 1:1 Logoman Autographed $4.6 Million

    How much are Michael Jackson trading cards worth?

    Michael Jackson Football Trading Card Values

    1983 Topps #387 Michael Jackson $0.21
    1991 Pro Set #819 Michael Jackson $0.34
    1991 Pro Set Platinum #292 Michael Jackson $0.34
    1991 Score Supplemental #66 Michael Jackson $0.34
    1991 Ultra Update #16 Michael Jackson $0.34

    What are the most valuable Star Wars figures?

    Most Valuable Star Wars Toys

  • Blue Snaggletooth (1977)
  • Sand People figurine (1978)
  • Comic-Con VinTage Carbonite Chamber Action Figure Set (2012)
  • Ben Kenobi With Gray Hair (1978)
  • Ben Kenobi With White Hair (1978) (Tie)
  • Princess Leia (1978) (Tie)
  • Luke Skywalker (1978)
  • Radio Controlled Jawa Sandcrawler (1978)

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    What are my Star Wars figures worth?

    The average retail value for a common Star Wars action figure is $2 to $5. The average loose vintage figure is worth $10 to $20. Sealed Star Wars action figures produced between 1977 and 1985 are worth between $100 and $200, but some are worth up to $1,000, $10,000 or more.

    How much is it to grade a card?

    The real cost to have a card graded is usually $14 to $17 per card when you consider the overpriced shipping and insurance charges.

    How much is a Kobe Bryant rookie card worth?

    1996 Topps Chrome Refractor Kobe Bryant Rookie Card #138

    In fact, this is the card that fetched $1.8 million at auction.

    How much is a Babe Ruth rookie card worth?

    Babe Ruth pre-rookie card, valued at $6 million, sells for record-breaking price. Thanks to his being one of the most iconic figures in the history of baseball, anything remotely associated with Babe Ruth is seemingly worth its weight in gold.

    What is the rarest card ever?

    The title of 'world's rarest trading card' is split between two quite distinct cards: the 1996 World Champion and the Shichifukujin Dragon. Only one specimen of each card exists anywhere in the world.

    How many cars did Michael Jackson have?

    Jackson owned at least four limousines, including a 1999 Rolls Royce Silver Seraph that was unusually decorated, to say the least.

    How much is a 1977 Darth Vader worth?

    Other items in group

    Name Current Price Type
    Vintage 1977 Star Wars Darth Vader 12 Back Kenner Original Package Sealed $1100.00 Buy it now
    Vintage Star Wars Diecast Darth Vader Tie Fighter MOC PALITOY SUPER RARE 1977 $1200.00 Buy it now
    Vintage 1977 Star Wars Darth Vader 12 Back Kenner Original Package Sealed $1799.99 Buy it now

    Are Star Wars toys from the 90s worth anything?

    As for 90s Star Wars toys, their values are far lower. With boxed figures easily attainable between $10-$20. TIP: 1990s Star Wars toys value may rise in a decade…

    How much is a Millennium Falcon worth?

    The average price based upon the last 5 sold auctions is: $268.50 [High: $299.99/Low: $222.50]. The average Buy It Now price is $378.00 based upon 4 filtered active auctions out of 6 which includes AFA auctions.

    Millennium Falcon.

    Month Avg Sold Price Retail Price
    Oct 1, 2021 273 $26.99
    Nov 1, 2021 261 $26.99

    How do I sell my Star Wars collection?

  • You Could Sell On eBay. When people think about selling their collectibles, they usually think about selling on eBay first.
  • You Could Sell To A Local Store.
  • You Could Sell To Another Collector Directly.
  • You Could Sell To Neatstuff Collectibles.

  • How much did Disney pay for Star Wars?

    On October 30, 2012, Disney announced a deal to acquire Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion, with approximately half in cash and half in shares of Disney stock.

    How much is a 1979 Boba Fett action figure worth?

    Other items in group

    Name Current Price Type
    21 Back Boba Fett 1979 Vintage Kenner Star Wars Cardback with Bubble $799.00 Buy it now
    Boba Fett Star Wars 1979 Kenner Action Figure with 21 Back Cardback w Gun $896.25 Buy it now
    Vintage Boba Fett Star Wars 1979 Kenner Action Figure 21 BackACardback 39250 $525.00 Buy it now

    What is the cheapest card grading company?

    Cheap Pricing – GMA is by far the cheapest semi-reputable grading company out there right now. With prices as low as $6 per regular card and $5 for certified or pack autograph cards, no one is beating them on pricing.

    How many Derek Jeter rookie cards are there?

    Derek Jeter Rookie Card Details

    After being drafted by the Yankees in 1992, Jeter appeared in several 1993 MLB sets put out by Topps, Upper Deck and Score. All told, there are eight different Derek Jeter Rookie Cards to track down.

    Is it worth getting cards graded?

    The Answer. You should ONLY get your cards graded IF it will increase the value or make the sale of the card(s) easier. Grading cards costs money. Money that sometimes isn't returned because the grades assigned to the cards do not improve their value.

    Are Shaq rookie cards worth anything?

    Shaquille O'Neal's rookie value is very high, as evidenced by this list, and this card tops it at $3,499. This PSA 10 card is one of the 53 cards with that grade in the 382-card population. Of the 1,030 cards seen BGS, none are BGS 10 or Black Label.

    How much is a Mickey Mantle rookie card worth?

    Essentially, there are two main cards that collectors consider as Mickey Mantle rookie cards: 1951 Bowman #253 Mickey Mantle (his true rookie card) – $2000 – $1 million+

    What is Zion rookie card worth?

    A Panini Prizm Black rookie card of Zion Williamson, reportedly worth over $100,000, was recently found by a customer in a pack at the Dave & Adam's Card World store in Williamsville, New York, according to Troy Licastro of WIVB.com. "He was thrilled with his good fortune," Dave & Adam's CEO Adam Martin said.

    How much is a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle worth?

    The iconic 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie card is one of the world's most valuable cards. In fact, even in very rough condition, this card can command top dollar. In January of this year, a '52 Topps Mantle graded PSA 9 was sold for 5.2 MILLION dollars!

    Why is the Honus Wagner card so rare?

    While the vast majority of ATC cards were produced in huge numbers — for example, over 4,200 ATC Cobb cards still exist — only a minuscule fraction of Wagner cards were produced. They are extremely hard to find, especially in good condition, which is why they're so expensive.

    How much is a Mickey Mantle card?

    Mickey Mantle's 1951 Bowman Mantle card for only $1.4 million. However, other high-grade cards dwarf the Mickey Mantle card's value. Just Collect, and MINT state owner Rick Snyder noted that one of those could sell for $10 million.

    Is Black Luster Soldier legal?

    Did You Know? While normal Black Luster Soldier cards are game legal, this special Black Luster Soldier card cannot be used in tournament play.

    What is the most expensive card in the World 2021?

    2. 1999 Base 1st Edition Holo Stamp Shadowless Charizard

    Estimated Average Market Value (2021) $43,654
    Estimated Copies Worldwide 3,113

    How much is No 1 trainer worth?

    This is a Holy Grail TCG promo card that only a few collectors have been able to obtain. So few in fact, that there are only seven examples graded through PSA with six of the cards in PSA Gem-Mint 10 condition. Compare that to the 19 total graded of the famed Illustrator Pikachu.

    Did Michael Jackson have a private jet?

    💜💜💜 Michael Jackson's private jet during the Victory Tour David Rowland was during the Victory tour in 1984, the pilot of Michael Jackson's private jet. A Boeing 707 converted into a real palace for twenty passengers.

    Is Michael Jackson funeral?

    Michael Jackson

    What car does MJ drive?

    Michael Jordan loves his C4 Corvettes, anyone who's spent time on a Corvette forum could probably tell you all about it. These are very humble cars, especially for someone with all the money in the world to spend on one, but they've obviously made an impression with the basketball superstar.

    How much is the original r2d2 worth?

    One Star Wars fan just paid nearly $3 million for an R2-D2 droid used in the original trilogy. The 43-inch tall droid, which sold at auction on Wednesday for $2.76 million, was compiled from parts used throughout filming of the original trilogy, the Associated Press reports.

    How much is Boba Fett figure worth?

    It's perhaps no surprise, then, that Boba Fett figures are among the most prized (and expensive) action figures. An unpainted, prototype version of the figure sold for over $100,000 at an auction in 2019.

    How much is a 1977 Chewbacca figure worth?

    Other items in group

    Name Current Price Shipping
    CSG 75 1977 STAR WARS CHEWBACCA 12BACK PETER MAYHEW AUTO not AFA $1499.00 $25.00
    1977 Kenner Star Wars Chewbacca Action Figure Original Package 38210 12 Back $729.99 Calculated

    Are Star Wars toys a good investment?

    Many original 1977 Star Wars toys, in original packaging, are worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. The original LEGO Millennium Falcon (unopened) recently sold for $16,000, according to Business Insider, which also says some Boba Fett action figures are going for $1,000 or more.

    How much is a vinyl cape Jawa worth?

    Jawa with Vinyl Cape

    Rarely has a little scrap of vinyl been so valuable. While The Richest says that this figure can go for over $18,000 that depends on condition and availability (eBay ranges it at least $3,000).

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