What Happened To Hayes Brakes?

What happened to Hayes brakes? In 2005 the company's nine-member management team bought Hayes Brake with Nautic Partners, a private equity firm, and renamed the company HB Performance Systems Inc. Hayes Bicycle Group has acquired Sun Ringle hubs, rims, wheels and components, WheelSmith Fabrications, Inc. and Answer/Manitou.

Are Hayes brakes any good?

Hayes has invested considerable design time in reducing friction in the system and the beautifully light and balanced lever action should be considered a great success, late braking is very intuitive, easy to dose and very effective.

How do you adjust hydraulic brakes on Hayes?

I've tried all the tricks I know to adjust the brakes: 1) remove the caliper and pads, separate the pistons with a 10mm box end wrench, re-install the pads, re-install the caliper and mounting bolts and tighten them while I squeeze the brake lever, 2) put business cards between the rotor and pads and tighten the

How do I add fluid to my Hayes disc brakes?

Where are Hayes brakes made?

Where are your products manufactured? At Hayes Performance Systems, we proudly manufacture our brake systems for power sports, heavy equipment, and military right here in the USA at our global headquarters in Mequon, Wisconsin, with reliable components from domestic and global partners.

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Who owns Hayes performance?

President - Bicycle business unit

Darren Campbell is President and part owner at Hayes Performance Systems.

What fluid does the Hayes sole use?

First things first: the Hayes system uses DOT 3 or DOT 4 mechanical brake fluid.

How do I adjust my Hayes disc brakes?

How do you bleed Hayes Dominion brakes?

How do you bleed Hayes solo?

How do you adjust Hayes 9 hydraulic brakes?

Pull the wheel out and squeeze your brake lever half way (without the rotor), then re-insert the wheel should bring the pistons closer to the rotor for quicker engagement. The lever adjustment screw just positions the lever, but doesn't affect throw.

Does Hayes own Reynolds?

SALT LAKE CITY (BRAIN)—Hayes Performance Systems has bought Reynolds Cycling and said it will aggressively offer dealers three levels of carbon wheels with average aftermarket margins of 40 percent.

Does Hayes own Manitou?

In 2006, Hayes Performance Systems acquired Manitou.

How do you bleed the brakes on a Hayes mountain bike?

  • 1 Assemble the bleed kit. Push the hose onto the nozzle of the bleed bottle.
  • 2 Remove brake pads. Remove both wheels, then remove the brake pads.
  • 3 Retract pistons.
  • 4 Get bike into correct position.
  • 5 Raise the bleed nipple.
  • 6 Attach long hose at lever.
  • 7 Attach bleed kit at calliper.
  • 8 Add oil and release trapped air.

  • How do you use a Hayes pro bleed kit?

    How do you bleed hydraulic brakes?

    How do you install Hayes brake pads?

    How do you bleed mountain bike brakes without a kit?

    How do you burp hydraulic bike brakes?

    Do bigger rotors stop better?

    Simply put a bigger rotor provided better braking, and a four pot caliper provides better braking - better meaning more, and more control (Everything else being equal). For the same force between the disc and pads, a bigger rotor generates more torque on the wheel - i.e. more stopping force.

    What causes brakes to be spongy?

    Air in the brake lines is one of the most common causes of spongy brakes. Braking systems rely on evenly distributed hydraulic pressure to bring vehicles to a halt. Air in any of these lines can throw off this balance of pressure. Air in the brake lines could be due to a leak or low brake fluid.

    How do you reset hydraulic brake discs?

    Simply push a flat blade screwdriver in between the brake pads and twist. This will separate the brake pads and, in turn, push back the pistons to the reset position.

    How do you add oil to hydraulic brakes?

    Are hydraulic bike brakes worth it?

    Hydraulic brakes are higher end and they perform better than either rim brakes or mechanical discs in just about every respect, but they're more expensive. Hydraulic systems are more efficient than mechanical disc brakes so you need to apply less pressure at the lever for an equal level of braking power.

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