Is Shimano Acera Any Good?

Is Shimano acera any good? The shifting capabilities of Acera Altus are noticeably better than that of Tourney – it might still be a bit loud and clumsy, but it's much more reliable and precise. Shimano Altus and Acera components use these model numbers/ranges: M2000 (3x9), M300, and M400.

What level is Shimano acera?

Shimano Acera Groupset Details

In the Shimano MTB line of groupsets, Shimano Acera is considered as a mid-level groupset. The brakes and derailleur are very important among the different parts of Acera groupset because they are made lightweight mainly for trail riding.

What is better Shimano Altus or acera?

Acera and Altus is positioned at the same level but based on my experience I feel Altus is much better than Acera. They create less problems and operate more precisely. Also they are lighter. They use some technology from Alivio line which you will appreciate.

Is Shimano Alivio better than acera?

Alivio is another small step up in gear hierarchy, it's still a 9 speed drivetrain this one offers lighter components and reportedly better shifting than Acera and Altus.

Is acera compatible with 7 speed?

The Acera M360 7/8-Speed Rear Derailleur offers light shifting operation and over-sized pulleys for a wider gear choice; compatible with 7- and 8-speed drivetrains.

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Is Shimano acera good for MTB?

Shimano Acera

The Acera features hydraulic brakes designed for beginning trail riding, entry-level mountain bikes, and new riders. Hydraulic brakes use brake fluid, and tend to enjoy better performance than mechanical discs. They also tend to be smoother.

Which is better SLX or Deore?

Shimano SLX is also a killer value and sees a bit of weight savings over the cheaper Deore groupset. Much of the weight is in the rear cassette that gets an alloy cog and carrier compared to the steel Deore option. Looks get a bit cleaner and materials also get a slight improvement.

What's better Altus or Alivio?

Shimano's top mountain bike groupsets, XT and XTR, usually get all the attention in bike and component reviews. Altus is the second-from-last tier, right above Tourney, while Alivio sits two slots above Altus, below Shimano's famous mid-range groupset, Deore.

Can I put an 8 speed cassette on a 7 speed bike?

It should work. Spacing on Shimano is 5mm for 7 sp and 4.8mm on 8 sp. You'll wind up with a phantom gear but everything should work.

Can I replace a 7 speed cassette with an 8 speed?

Can you put an 8 speed cassette on a 7 speed?

8 speed shifter and cassette, 7 speed derailleur? You'll be fine. There's no "probably" about it. 6-, 7- and 8-speed gear is all cross-compatible in terms of chain width.

What is better Shimano Sora or 105?

Shimano 105 disc brakes boast a more complex hydraulic system that offers superior braking. Sora, on the other hand, is limited to mechanical disc brakes. They're bang-for-your-buck calipers that offer excellent braking, but don't expect the same snappiness and stopping power as the 105s.

Is Shimano Tiagra better than Sora?

Essentially, the Tiagra is a better option if you want a slightly lighter and quicker groupset. If you want a mix of performance and value, opt for the Sora. If you are looking for more performance (without having an 11-speed groupset), opt for the Tiagra.

Are micro shifters any good?

The shifter shape is fairly good and they felt just fine on long rides. Quality wise, they were right in line with the 105 stuff, maybe even a little better. felt also puts the microshift shifters on some lower-end bikes with sora components.

How do I choose a derailleur?

When buying a new rear derailleur be sure to match it with your drivetrain 'speed'. 10-speed drivetrains use narrower chains than 9-speed so you'll need a mech to match. Most rear mechs are made of a polymer and alloy mix but you'll find carbon fibre in top-end models to shave even more weight.

How do I choose a derailleur for my mountain bike?

What is Shimano GRX equivalent to?

Shimano GRX Hierarchy

Basically, there are 3 levels of Shimano GRX: RX800 equivalent to Ultegra, in a mechanical version and Di2, 2x11 or 1x11 drivetrain. RX600 equivalent to the 105, 2x11 or 1x11 drivetrain. RX400 equivalent to Tiagra 2x10.

What is the cheapest Shimano groupset?

Entry-level Shimano groupsets: Claris, Sora and Tiagra

  • The latest Claris R2000 may be Shimano's cheapest road groupset but it still borrows design cues from its more expensive siblings.
  • Shimano Sora is a 9-speed groupset commonly seen on many budget road bikes.
  • Shimano Tiagra steps up to 10-speed gearing.

  • Is Shimano Altus 9 speed?

    The 9-speed SHIMANO ALTUS M370 rear derailleur use its MEGA 9 DRIVE TRAIN design to deliver smooth, light action shifting performance.

    How do derailleurs work?

    On mechanical-type derailleurs, a cable is secured at a pinch bolt. The cable is pulled to move the cage inward. A return spring in the linkage will move the derailleur the opposite direction when the cable is released. Electrical systems use an electrical signal to trigger a motor to move the linkage.

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