How Many Watts Can You Get Out Of A Cobra 29?

How many watts can you get out of a Cobra 29? The FCC says all CB's are to Max out at 4 watts (most only do 2-3 when purchased). So your 12 watts was more than enough to get out.

How do you adjust a Cobra 29 LTD Classic?

How do you hook up a CB radio?

Is it hard to hook up a CB radio?

Installing a CB Radio with Mounting Hardware

Of course, you can have it professionally installed by a CB shop, but with simple tools, time and some patience, you can save money by installing your equipment yourself. Smaller radios can be installed in the dash or with the U bracket in the box.

How many volts is a CB radio?

This requires a more robust antenna and electrical system than what might be used for the more common low powered or CB radio systems. The electrical system must be capable of delivering a constant 40 amps minimum of DC current at 13.8 volts.

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What gauge is CB power wire?

This CB cord is used to replace power cords on most CB radios and has a 16-gauge heavy-duty copper wire with an in-line fuse holder and a 3-pin, 2-wire fused power cord.

Will a CB radio drain car battery?

That being said, if your CB radio is still drawing enough current to drain the batteries when it is turned off, then that is a problem. I wired directly to the battery for the reasons you have stated. However, even when off, the radio has drained both batteries dead twice.

Can a 10 meter radio be used as a CB?

10 Meter Radios are Amateur Radios, also known as Ham Radios. The 10 Meter Band consists of frequencies stretching from 28.000 to 29.700 MHz. This means that you can still use a standard CB antenna- just be sure to get an antenna that has a power rating that will handle the power output of your 10 meter radio.

How do you power a CB radio in a car?

  • Tap Into Existing Wiring. If you're fairly knowledgeable about electronics, you can tap into one of the existing power lines used for other vehicle accessories such as stereos, speakers or seats.
  • Use a Fuse Tapper.
  • Use a Cigarette Adapter.
  • Wire Directly to the Battery.

  • What fuse should I use for CB radio?

    You need a 7 amp fuse, that is what the CB shop reccomends for my radio, and probably yours as well. Using a blade type fuse, a 7.5 is what you will have to use.

    How many amps does a CB need?

    Actually, it states 0.3 amps (300 ma) squelched, and up to 1.2 amps with full audio output.

    Can I use a CB radio at home?

    To get a CB radio for your home or office, your first choice is to buy a CB that's designed for AC power, such as the Galaxy DX 2547. To save on cost, you can use any mobile CB radio in your base station setup if you add a power supply to your system. A 5-amp power supply works great for powering a 12-volt CB radio.

    How do you hook up a SWR meter?

    Why is my CB radio all static?

    CB radios can be affected by engine motions, cellular broadcasts, and electrical wires which can cause white noise and static on the CB, reducing the radio's effectiveness. Aside from the filters, using the squelch function on the radio can help reduce the noise.

    What does TX mean on a CB radio?

    so the Tx means output transceiver, and Rx input transceiver.

    Why does my CB radio squeal?

    When a CB squeals during transmit, it is feeding back RF. Normally, the transmitter portion of the CB, which is shielded inside the CB itself, sends the RF signal it is transmitting down shielded coax wire to the antenna, where the signal radiates out into the air.

    What is HI cut on a CB radio?

    Hi-cut removes high frequencies to improve audio quality with SWR calibration of antenna system for maximum performance. Antenna warning indicator and receive/transmit indicator with automatic noise limiter reduces vehicle interference.

    How do you peak and tune a Cobra radio?

    What does Dynamike mean on a CB radio?

    The Dynamike controls the sensitivity of the microphone's audio level. From the maximum voice volume, you can reduce the Dynamike if necessary.

    What is SWR on a CB?

    SWR stands for 'Standing Wave Ratio' and basically speaking it is "the ratio of power that is reflected back down the antenna lead from the antenna." Therefore SWR is concerned with matching the antenna to the signal being transmitted through it.

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