How Many Lands Do You Need In A 3 Color Deck?

How many lands do you need in a 3 color deck? A deck with MM and NN costs would need 40 total sources and 16 dual lands, which ranges from difficult to impossible depending on the format. For triple cost or above this gets even more restrictive. Triple cost on turn three would require 22 land, or turn four would require 18.

How do you make a 3 color Commander deck?

How many colors can you use in a magic deck?

There are five colors in the Magic game: white, blue, black, red, and green. 105.2. An object can be one or more of the five colors, or it can be no color at all. An object is the color or colors of the mana symbols in its mana cost, regardless of the color of its frame.

How many creature cards should be in a 60 card Magic deck?

For anyone's first deck, I recommend a good balance of creatures coupled with other cards. If you're playing with 23 lands, I think about 20 creatures to 22 creatures is a solid place to be. This will put you at 43 to 45 cards out of your minimum 60 and help to ensure that you're not just swept off the table.

Why is painter's servant banned in Commander?

Alex Kenny of the Rules Committee (goes by Ban Ki-Moon on the EDH and other forums): Painter's Servant is banned, and should stay banned, because almost every purpose it can serve reduces interaction between players and/or removes lines of play as options.

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How many cards does a player draw in magic?

At the beginning of a game, each player shuffles their deck. Players then decide who will start, using any mutually agreeable method. Each player then draws seven cards from their deck, otherwise known as a library, in order to form their starting hand.

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