How Many Expansions Does Dominion Have?

How many expansions does Dominion have? The Dominion family of games has grown to include a 2nd Edition, eleven large expansions (including one acting as a base set), three small expansions, two update packs, eleven promotional cards, and a box containing just the basic treasure and victory point cards. These games and the expansions are listed below.

Is Dominion still making expansions?

By 2017, more than 2.5 million copies of Dominion and its expansions had been sold worldwide. Dominion's success has led to multiple expansions being released; as of March 2020, there were thirteen.

Dominion (card game)

Box cover art
Designers Donald X. Vaccarino
Skills required Resource management, Planning

Which are the best Dominion expansions?

Dominion Expansions Ranked

  • #7 - Dominion Seaside.
  • #6 Dominion: Empires.
  • #5 - Dominion: Adventures.
  • #4 - Dominion: Alchemy.
  • #3 - Dominion: Prosperity.
  • #2 - Dominion: Renaissance.
  • #1 - Dominion: Nocturne.
  • Dominion: Menagerie.
  • How many versions of Dominion are there?

    It should be noted that there are two versions of the base game. The one that new players should seek out, and the one that is most readily available, is the Second Edition. This version cleans up some rules confusion of the original printing and replaces some cards that were counterintuitive to the learning process.

    How many Dominion cards are there total?

    Dominion Base Card Set contains 250 cards: all the basic Victory, Treasure, and Curse cards from the Dominion games and its expansions. It does not include any Victory or Treasure cards that are Kingdom cards.

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    How do you play more than 4 in Dominion?

    To set up for 5 or 6 players, combine the Treasure cards from Dominion and Dominion: Intrigue. Use 15 Provinces in the Supply for a 5-player game and 18 Provinces in the Supply for a 6-player game. All other Victory card piles (Estates, Duchies, and Victory Kingdom cards) remain at 12 cards per pile.

    What are the Catan expansions?


    What is the next Dominion expansion?

    Rio Grande Games announced Dominion: Allies, a new expansion for the Dominion deck-building game, which will hit stores in December. Dominion: Allies is the 14th expansion to this long-standing, deck-building card game.

    How many expansions are there for Carcassonne?

    'King and Scout' is two expansions: King for Carcassonne and Scout for Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers. King and Robber Baron tiles used to keep track of who built the largest road and city.

    What are Victory cards in Dominion?

    , is a Shelter (and the only Victory card that is never worth any victory points). The remaining Victory cards are Kingdom cards, collectively referred to as alt-VP, or "alternate victory points".

    What is a treasure in Dominion?

    Treasure is a card type that may be played during a player's Buy phase. Most Treasures provide some + (Horn of Plenty and Ducat being the chief exceptions), and some Treasures have other effects as well. Unlike Action cards, any number of Treasure cards may be played in any order.

    How do you make a Dominion 6 player game?

    To set up for 5 or 6 players, combine the Treasure cards from Dominion and Dominion: Intrigue. Use 15 Provinces in the Supply for a 5-player game and 18 Provinces in the Supply for a 6-player game. All other Victory card piles (Estates, Duchies, and Victory Kingdom cards) remain at 12 cards per pile.

    Is Dominion online legit?

    Dominion Online is an official online implementation of Dominion. It is currently run by Shuffle iT at this website.

    How do I get better at Dominion?

  • Silver. Buy silver at the beginning of the game.
  • Action Cards. Scan the action cards at the beginning of the game to see if any particular cards appeal to you.
  • Provinces. Buy a Province whenever possible.
  • Gold. Buy lots of gold in the mid-game.
  • Money.
  • Opponents.

  • What Catan expansion should I get?

    Best Overall Catan Expansion: Traders and Barbarians

    For those players who want something less vanilla than the Seafarer expansion, but not as complex as Cities and Knights, this is the right choice. Traders and Barbarians is a great expansion for players who'd like to get something in between.

    Is Dominion intrigue a stand alone game?

    Intrigue is a great expansion to Dominion. It is a standalone expansion, so it can be played either with or without the base game. Intrigue adds more cards and options to the base game, but really doesn't change the mechanics or the feel of the game.

    What was Dominion League of Legends?

    What is Dominion in LoL? Dominion was League of Legends' answer to Capture the Flag. Dominion was played on the Crystal Scar, a circular map with five different capture points. The game mode was five versus five just like any other League of Legends mode, and the objective was to take down the enemy Nexus.

    Which expansion is best for Carcassonne?

  • #01 | Expansion 1: Inns & Cathedrals (2002)
  • #02 | Expansion 2: Traders & Builders (2003)
  • #03 | Expansion 5: Abbey & Mayor (2007)
  • #04 | Expansion 3: The Princess & The Dragon (2005)
  • #05 | Expansion 8: Bridges, Castles and Bazaars (2010)
  • #06 | Expansion 9: Hills & Sheep (2014)

  • Can you play Carcassonne with 8 players?

    Re: Carcassonne for 8 Players

    With 71 playable tiles, that's 9 tiles for every player (8 for the eighth player).

    Which is better Catan or Carcassonne?

    These two are quite different games, so "better" is subjective and will depend on your preferences. Carcassonne can be played at all player counts, but Catan only works well with at least 3, preferably 4.

    How do you get platinum in Dominion?

    may be added to the Supply in games using Kingdom cards from Prosperity. The Platinum pile contains 12 cards. plays in games without Colony, as the key high-value Treasure card that you can use to be able to afford to buy the top Victory card regularly.

    Set Prosperity
    Illustrator(s) Ryan Laukat
    Card text

    What happens if you tie in Dominion?

    The player with the most victory points wins. If the highest scores are tied at the end of the game, the tied player who has had the fewest turns wins the game. If the tied players have had the same number of turns, they rejoice in their shared victory.

    Can you Throne Room a feast?

    Feast – The gained card goes into your Discard pile. If you use Throne Room on Feast, you will gain two cards, even though you can only trash Feast once. Gaining the card isn't contingent on trashing Feast; they're just two things that the card tries to make you do.

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