How Does The Shopping Mall In Machi Koro Work?

How does the shopping mall in Machi Koro work? Every time you collect for one of your buildings containing a 'coffee cup' symbol or the 'bread' symbol, you gain extra coins. For example, I have the Shopping Mall in play and I own 2 bakeries ('bread'), 1 Cafe ('coffee cup'), 3 Convenience Stores (#4, bread), and 2 Restaurants (coffee cup).

How to start machi Koro?

Who goes first Machi Koro?

The player to complete all four landmarks first wins the game. When two dice are rolled, only the facilities that equal the sum of the rolls are valid.

How many expansions are there for Machi Koro?

Machi Koro received multiple awards upon its release, and there have been two major expansions. A standalone game based on the same mechanics, Machi Koro Bright Lights, Big City, was released in 2016, and a legacy variant was released in 2019.

How many cards can you buy in Machi Koro?

Make sure they are the versions of these that have no cost icon in the center of the card. Finally, each player gets the four landmarks that are the same and each have a cost. A player buying all four wins the game. In the center of the board, place the 15 cards you can buy into individual stacks.

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What's the maximum number of dice you roll in Machi Koro?

Amusement Park: A player may roll 2 dice only if he/she has already built a Train Station. In case of a double the player receives a complete additional turn. They may choose again whether to roll 1 or 2 dice, receive income and may build an Establishment or Landmark.

Is Machi Koro legacy replayable?

Machi Koro Legacy

And unlike most other legacy games, Machi Koro is actually replayable - although each playthrough is unique.

Can you play Machi Koro online?

Machi Koro is now available online for free at

How do you make Machi?

Can you buy more than one card in Machi Koro?

No, you can only buy up to 1 new Establishment or build 1 new Landmark per turn. Thanks for the answer.

Can 2 people play Machi Koro?

Although Machi Koro plays fine with just 2, it does seem to lack some of the excitement of the 4 player version, so I think in the long-term it'll get more play as a multiplayer game. However, it does work ok, so I might pull it out with 2 occasionally for variety.

How long is Machi Koro?

The game is so much fun I must say. However, each game lasted about 1.5hrs, way beyond the 30 minutes indicated on the box.

Is Machi Koro a good game?

Machi Koro is a fun, casual game. Perfect for families and groups that enjoy a game with a bit of luck and a dash of strategy. While the base game doesn't come with a huge variety of cards, there is still plenty here to keep your family engaged, and even more to discover in expansions later on!

How many players can play Machi?

Machi Koro is a fast-paced game for 2-4 players. Each player wants to develop the city on their own terms in order to complete all of the landmarks under construction faster than their rivals. On their turn, each player rolls one or two dice.

How do you play Machi Koro harbor expansion?

Which version of Machi Koro is the best?

As for the "best version to start classic Machi Koro with" my vote goes to the 5th Anniversary edition now.

Can you play Machi Koro with more than 4 players?

It does yes. Everyone starts with two buildings and the landmarks that (s)he needs to complete. The sets ayejae mentioned include a pack of cards for the fifth player. Correct.

How many times can you play Machi Koro legacy?

In Machi Koro Legacy, you play through ten different games in a story-driven campaign where player choices shape the game as you play. No two games will be the same!

Additional information.

Weight 4.2 lbs
Player Count 2-4
Time 45 min
Age 8+

Is there a Machi Koro app?

The free Machi Koro Companion App is designed to improve game flow. It replaces the coins and the dice. But that's not all: Each app connects to other apps at the same table to exchange coins and dice throws.

What type of game is Machi Koro?

Machi Koro, which according to my random googling, appropriately translates to “Dice Town”. It's a city building game where players roll dice, active buildings, and earn money. It's a simple game, yet has some engaging mechanics. However there is no shortage of city building games on the market today.

How do you roll a Machi Koro 14?

You need to have built the Harbor. If you roll an 11, you can add 2 with the Harbor to make it a 13. If you roll a 12, you can add 2 to make it a 14.

Who wins Machi Koro legacy?

However, the game is instantly won by the player that builds the set of four landmarks. As far as the basic game goes this is the end of the gameplay. This is not just the basic game though and at the end of each game the legacy aspect of Machi Koro Legacy comes into effect.

How many people can play risk legacy?

And that plays into the heart of Risk: Legacy. The game is truly meant to be played by the same 5 players throughout the 15 game campaign. You really feel like you are making it your game. At the end of the game is where a lot of customization happens.

How do you play Karo board game?

You can start with taking turns to strategically place your pieces on the board and then set yourself up by jumping and sliding around the board. Just align four of your game pieces in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally and win this exciting Karo Board Game. But be ready to witness the twist in this.

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