How Do You Win With Exodia?

How do you win with exodia? After resolving a Chain Link, if you have "Exodia the Forbidden One"/"Right Arm of the Forbidden One"/"Left Arm of the Forbidden One"/"Right Leg of the Forbidden One"/"Left Leg of the Forbidden One" in your hand, you immediately win the Duel.

How does exodia deck work?

Deck Concept

Exodia Decks use the unique win condition of Exodia the Forbidden One to win the Duel on the first turn. All other cards in the Deck allow you to quickly draw and summon all your Exodia cards and eventually add them to your hand.

Can anything stop exodia?

There is no certain deck that is designed to counter Exodia, but you can try to make then discard their hand (best way to beat Exodia). What kind of spell card can I use to defeat Exodia? No traps, spells, or monster effects can negate the effect of all five Exodia pieces once your opponent has them.

What was the point of exodia?

Exodia cards

While the primary purpose of "Exodia" is to declare an automatic win through having all five pieces of the "Forbidden One", there are other ways to use it.

Who is the forbidden one in Yugioh?

Lore. "Exodia" was, at first, a beast of such incalculable and intimidating might that he was split up into five distinctive parts, each one of them chained and sealed away by magic from all the other monsters (hence "the Forbidden One"). That would have prevented his power from ever being used again.

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How hard is it to pull Exodia?

The odds of pulling all five Exodia cards as part of the initial draw is 1 in 658,008. This means that players shouldn't be too concerned about losing to Exodia on the first turn, since the chances are incredibly slim. Still, there's always a chance of winning a game by pulling all the Exodia cards on the first turn.

Is Exodia deck viable?

Exodia is the most popular and oldest "special win condition" card in Yu-Gi-Oh. With newer cards being released which increase speed, Exodia is a more viable deck than ever before.

What is a forbidden Yu-Gi-Oh card?

In the OCG and the TCG Advanced Format, Forbidden (禁止 Kinshi) cards, often unofficially called banned, are cards that players are not allowed to use in their Main Deck, Side Deck, or Extra Deck.

What is the strongest Yugioh card ever?

  • 1 The Egyptian Gods. The Egyptian Gods harbor a power unmatched by any other monster in the game.
  • 2 Exodia, The Forbidden One.
  • 3 Divine Serpent Geh.
  • 4 Orichalcos Shunoros.
  • 5 Orichalcos Kyutora.
  • 6 Shinato King Of A Higher Plane.
  • 7 Dragon Master Knight.
  • 8 Five-Headed Dragon.

  • Which is the strongest God card?

  • 1 The Winged Dragon of Ra – Sphere Mode.
  • 2 The Wicked Avatar.
  • 3 Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder.
  • 4 Obelisk the Tormentor.
  • 5 Loki, Lord of the Aesir.
  • 6 Odin, Father of the Aesir.
  • 7 The Wicked Dreadroot.
  • 8 Slifer the Sky Dragon.

  • How many Exodias are there?

    This way, his power was prevented from ever being used again. As a result, in the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game, there are five distinct "Forbidden One" cards, each one symbolizing a part of the complete "Exodia". In order for "Exodia" to regain his tremendous power, all of the five cards must be reunited in the player's hand.

    What type of monster is exodia?

    Exodia the Forbidden One

    Card type Monster
    Attribute DARK
    Types Spellcaster / Effect
    Level 3
    ATK / DEF 1000 / 1000

    Why did weevil throw exodia?

    Duelist Kingdom

    In episode 3, Weevil Underwood asked Yugi if he could look at his Exodia pieces. Yugi does so, but right after seeing the Exodia cards, Weevil chucks Yugi's Exodia cards overboard to insure that Yugi can't use them to help him win his Duels in Duelist Kingdom.

    Is exodia in duel links?

    Exodia the Forbidden One and its limbs are not obtainable cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Because of this, the only skill that you can use for Exodia in Duel Links is Grandpa's Cards, a Yugi Muto (DM) skill.

    Is exodia good in YuGiOh?

    Exodia's Automatic Win

    Infamously used in the anime by Yugi Muto to turn the tides in his first duel against Seto Kaiba, the five Exodia cards are weak monsters that won't help much in battle, but if you can amass all five in your hand, you immediately win your duel.

    What card can destroy exodia?

    "Exodia Necross" can still be destroyed by monster effect, so use cards such as "Divine Wrath" and "Dark Illusion" to protect it.

    What are the odds of summoning exodia?

    Exodia is one in a million and a half, assuming a deck of forty.

    Has anyone used exodia?

    In the first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yugi manages to assemble all five pieces of Exodia, to which Kaiba says in shock: Exodia! It's not possible! Nobody has ever been able to call him!

    What is the probability of getting exodia?

    For example, there is a 0.000152% chance the player will draw Exodia in their opening hand, and a 87.5% chance they will draw it after seeing 39 cards out of their 40 card deck. If all 40 cards are drawn, there is a 100% chance the 5 Exodia cards will be drawn.

    Is summoning exodia an instant win?

    Exodia. An Exodia Deck relies upon helping you to: Either obtain all 5 pieces of "Exodia the Forbidden One" to declare an instant win; Summon "Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord" and use its effect to send all 5 pieces of "Exodia the Forbidden One" to the Graveyard to declare an instant win.

    How many pieces of exodia can you have in your deck?

    However, amassing all five won't be easy, especially since they're all limited, meaning you can only include a single copy in your deck. Thus, Exodia builds lean toward defense, stalling and hampering their foes with a variety of shield effects while they race to gather the five Exodia pieces.

    Can exodia Incarnate be targeted?

    While The Legendary Exodia Incarnate is unaffected by card effects, he can still be targeted. If your opponent controls no monsters, you can use "Obliterate!!!" to target this card and add more "Forbidden One" cards to the Graveyard.

    How did Yugi get obelisk?

    In his quarter final Duel against Ishizu Ishtar, Ishizu had used the Millennium Necklace to see in the future. When Kaiba lost the Duel, he gave Yami Yugi the "Obelisk the Tormentor" card in accordance with the tournament rules. Yami Yugi proceeded to use "Obelisk" in his final Duel against Yami Marik.

    Is Yu-Gi-Oh worth collecting?

    As long as there's a demand for Yu-Gi-Oh cards, they will always be worth something. The trading card game first started in 1996 - and it's still going strong. So, rest assured, Yu-Gi-Oh cards will be worth plenty of money in the foreseeable future. So, certain rare cards will be reprinted, and thus lose their value.

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