Do I Need Spacers On My Crankset?

Do I need spacers on my crankset? For all cranksets with a constant diameter spindle (30mm, 29mm DUB and 24mm), spindle spacers are used as needed to remove any side-to-side play of the crank, and to center the crank in the frame.

Should there be a gap between crank and bottom bracket?

No you don't need a spacer - the axle does all the load bearing by itself.

Why do you need bottom bracket spacers?

Bottom bracket spacers are used to adjust the spindle position to add extra clearance, or to fine tune chainline. For example, if your inner chainring is too close to the chainstay you can add spacers to move the crank outward just a bit. They are really great if you want a perfect chainline on a fixed gear bike.

How do you install a Shimano bottom bracket?

How many spacers should I install on my bottom bracket?

A 68mm or 83mm bottom bracket shell needs two of the 2.5mm spacers on the drive (chainring) side and one 2.5mm spacer on the non-drive side.

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How do you adjust a Shimano bottom bracket?

Should you grease bottom bracket threads?

With the threads now clean and sharp the next step is to prepare them with a layer of good quality grease. The grease will enable a smooth fit between the cups and the frame, the grease will also reduce the chance of corrosion developing between the materials in the bottom bracket shell and those in the cups.

How do you adjust chain lines?

Chainline may be adjusted at the rear wheel by rearranging spacers on the rear axle, and with a steel frame, also by re-spacing the rear dropouts. Adjustable hubs use conventional threaded axles, so you can increase the OLD spacing by removing the locknuts and adding spacer washers, and replace the axle as needed.

What is GXP crank?

SRAM cranks come in two different versions: GXP and BB30. SRAM GXP cranks have a spindle with 24mm diameter on the drive side and 22mm on the non-drive side. Using a GXP crank means that you also have to use GXP (compatible) bottom bracket bearings. These cranks can be used with BB30 or PF30 bottom bracket bearings.

What does 50mm chainline mean?

as you can see, the front ring is 50mm from the middle of the bike (aka, a 50mm chainline). a standard rear end is 135mm between the droputs, meaning that each drop out is 135/2 = 67.5mm from the center of the bicycle.

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