Are Magic Cards The Same Size?

Are Magic cards the same size? If you're looking at other brands, just follow the sizes mentioned above (standard: 66x91mm or perfect fit: 64x89mm) and you should be good. Pokémon cards are the same size as MTG cards, so sleeves for Pokémon cards will work as well and if you already have some you can use them for Magic cards too.

What is standard TCG card size?

Although it varies a lot, the recommended size is as follows: 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. Consider these figures in your design. Although trading card fashion is thought to have passed, it is still very common. There are different trends every year and Trading cards are made for all of them.

How big are oversized Magic cards?

Commander Oversized Card measurements are approximately: 3.5" x 5" (9 x 12.5 cm). Magic: The Gathering Commander will consist of five different 100-card singleton decks, each with a suggested retail price of $29.99.

What size are Magic card sleeves?

What measurements should I look for? For Magic cards, we recommend 63.5 x 88mm sleeves. Premium thickness will offer the best possible protection.

What size can Magic cards be printed?

MTG cards are usually 63 x 88mm and printed on 350 gsm silk paper. If you want a large card to show off your design details, select a bespoke size on our custom playing card printing page.

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Are Magic cards bigger than Yugioh?

Yu-Gi-Oh cards are smaller, so Magic cards probably won't fit them. MTG cards are definitely the larger of the two.

How many inches is 1000 Magic cards?

1000 magic cards is 12.56 inches tall, or 31.56cm.

What is the size of a vanguard card?

Description. The oversized (3" × 5") Vanguard cards aren't played like regular cards. Instead, each player chooses one of the character cards before the match begins and plays under the conditions set by that card. A Vanguard card modifies your starting (and maximum) hand size, as well as your starting life total.

Does Dragon Shield Fit Magic cards?

Do Dragon Shield sleeves fit Magic cards?

Each box of Dragon Shields contains 100 clear, archival quality polypropylene protective sleeves with colored backs, designed to protect your gaming cards against the wear and tear of play use. Regular sized for MTG, VS system, etc.

How wide are Dragon Shield sleeves?

A perfect mix of durability and shuffle-ability. 100 sleeves per box. For cards measuring up to 63×88 mm (2½”x3½”).


Sleeve size up to 66.5 x 92.5 mm
Card size up to 63 x 88 mm
QTY per pack 60 sleeves per pack
Material Polypropylene

How much does a 5000 count box of cards weigh?

Product information

Package Dimensions 33 x 23 x 2 inches
Item Weight 2.79 pounds
ASIN B0857L4913
Item model number BXSMON2
Customer Reviews 4.6 out of 5 stars 422 ratings 4.6 out of 5 stars

What DPI are Magic cards printed at?

From a quick Google search it would appear the standard industry DPI is 300. Another web printing service discusses is here: A Note About DPI. They only print at 300 DPI. As to why your cards came out incorrectly there could be any number of issues including incorrect exporting or due to compression their end*.

How do you print Magic cards?

  • Open up the full view of your custom MTG card.
  • Save the image or copy and paste into a document or image editing program.
  • Resize the image to 3.48"x2. 49" or 63mm x 88mm.
  • Print and cut around the borders, insert into sleeve for added realism.

  • Is Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic better?

    There is a way to play one game of Yu-Gi-Oh with multiple players, but the way MTG sets it up is much less complicated to learn. So if you ever wondered which game would be better to play with multiple players, MTG takes the cake, as the system and rules it has feel much more solid overall.

    Do Japanese size sleeves fit MTG cards?

    TOURNAMENT GRADE: 140 microns of premium thickness specifically designed trading card games. 150-sleeves VALUE PACK: One package will sleeve most games. **WARNING: FOR JAPANESE SIZED TCG ONLY** Will not fit MTG Magic The Gathering, Pokemon TCG, or American Board Games.

    What PT size are Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

    Standard (66x91 mm / 2.6x3. 58 in) <-- the most common ones. Yugioh (62x89 mm / 2.44x3. 5 in) <--- second most common.

    How thick is 100 Magic cards?

    Doublesleeved (Dragonshield Clears over KMC Perfect fits), 100 cards was a hair over 340g and just a touch over 65mm tall, making a single double sleeved card around 3.5g and . 65mm thick. So roughly double the weight and thickness of a standard card.

    How many pixels is an inch?

    If PPI equals 96, one inch has 96 pixels.

    How many feet are in a magic card?

    Interestingly, about a foot. 1 foot stack = ~1,000 cards. Or 30cm if you use metric.

    What is magic Vanguard?

    The Vanguard supplements consist of oversized cards that modify the game. A Vanguard card is selected before the game begins, adjusting a player's starting and maximum hand size and starting life total. A Vanguard card isn't a Magic card, so it can't be affected by spells or abilities.

    What size are bushiroad card sleeves?

    Sleeve size: 95 ×70 mm.

    Are Weiss Schwarz cards standard size?

    60 Cards/Pack 92 x 67mm (Standard Size) Material: PP + Silver Film Printing: Front: Transparent / Back: 5C Printing (4C + White) *Set does not include PR cards.

    Are oversized cards Legal MTG?

    Yes, oversize Commanders are legal in Commander.

    How big is a Yugioh card sleeve?

    Sleeve size: 67 × 92mm (Standard Size) Fits full-sized cards such as Yugioh,Magic the Gathering, World of Warcraft, Pokemon plus many more standard sized cards.

    Can you double sleeve with Dragon Shields?

    What are the best sleeves for Magic?

    Best MTG Sleeves

  • Dragon Shield Matte Standard Size Sleeves (Black – 100PK)
  • Ultra Pro PRO-Matte Eclipse Standard Deck Protector Sleeves (Purple – 100PK)
  • Ultimate Guard Katana Sleeves (Blue – 100PK)
  • KMC Hyper Mat Standard Sleeves (Purple – 80PK)
  • Ultra Pro Liliana, Waker of the Dead Sleeves (100 PK)

  • How do you protect your Magic cards?

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